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Planning to come to Bandung in the near future? Looking for the suitable Bandung tour for your family and friends? Look no further as we provide the most affordable yet convenient and comfortable tour packages for you all. Simply let us know whether you would like us to include the accommodation as well or simply the ground tour.


Why Choose Our Bandung Tour Package

Among the so many big cities and tourist attractions in Indonesia, why are there more and more people coming to Bandung and Jakarta? There are many good reasons why the tourists opt to spend their vacation in the capital of West Java. Situated on highland, the Dutch Colonial used to refer Bandung as the Paris of Java or “Paris van Java”. It is because unlike Jakarta, Bandung has very friendly climate and cool weather. And what about the food? Do not worry about getting starved when you are here as there is plenty of good, healthy food around you. Other interesting fact about Bandung is that Bandung is also known as shopping paradise, famous for its factory outlets which the tourists from Jakarta, Malaysia and Singapore love so much!

Bandung Holiday Tours & Travel has been in travel industry for many years. And with the vast experiences we have had, we always strive to provide the very best Bandung tour for all of our customers. And we provide not only tour to Bandung but also to its surrounding area, such as Jakarta, Puncak, and other cities around them. Our Bandung tours are not only affordable for almost all of us, but we can also customize our Bandung tour packages to suit your budget. Therefore if you have a group of people who would love to take our Bandung tour packages yet are on a certain budget, please do let us know, and we would do our best to provide an affordable Bandung tour package which is not only affordable yet still provide you the utmost comfort and fun!

The reasons why to take Bandung tour with us:

  • All of our staffs are well trained and highly experienced.
  • To guarantee our customers’ satisfaction, it is strictly forbidden for our guides to bring all of our customers to places known as tourist trap.
  • We provide secure payment through direct bank transfer to our company’s bank account (under company’s name), not individual or company account.
  • Our Bandung tour is conducted on time.

Our Bandung Tour Packages

There are so many types of Bandung tour packages, including those of sightseeing to the northern part of Bandung and the southern part of Bandung as well as shopping packages in the well known factory outlets and shopping centers all around Bandung.

However of all the so many Bandung tour packages that we offer, below are the mostly liked tour packages of all times:

4 day 3 night Bandung Tour

This 4 day 3 night Bandung tour package involves sightseeing as well as shopping trip. For more information please visit:

This tour package includes the visit to the famous Tangkuban Perahu volcano and the hot spring resort. You also have a chance to visit the forest look alike cafe on the way to the volcano area.

Tour price: SGD57/pax (for minimum of 4 persons in total).

In this 4D3N Bandung tour package we will show you the amazing volcano at the northern part of Bandung as well as the famous White Crater at the southern part of Bandung. You can also enjoy the beauty and the uniqueness of the villages of southern Bandung area.

Tour price: SGD63/pax (*)

5 day 4 night Bandung Jakarta tour

  • 5D4N Jakarta shopping and Bandung tour

In this 5D4N Jakarta and Bandung tour you will also visit the mostly visited and the most famous shopping places in Jakarta, such as Mangga Dua and Tanah Abang, where you can shop till you drop.

Price starts at SGD368/pax (*)

  • 5D4N Jakarta adventure and Bandung tour

In this 5D4N Jakarta adventure and Bandung tour, you can choose whether to visit the well known shopping places in Jakarta or visit other tourist attractions in Jakarta such as the Indonesia Miniature Park or Fantasy World in northern Jakarta.

Price starts at SGD375/pax (*)

5 day 4 night Bandung Puncak tour

For those who love sightseeing and adventure, this 5D4N Bandung Puncak tour would be the ideal choice for you since you will also visit the Safari Park in Puncak area which is also famous for its amazing tea plantation in Indonesia.

Price starts at SGD399/pax (*)

* : for minimum of 4 persons within 1 group.

Other than the above tour packages, we also provide other packages to other areas such as the lovely Pangandaran beach and Grand Canyon which is famous of its natural beauty. All of our tour packages are accompanied by an experienced, friendly, English speaking tour guide and a driver. We also provide only our best transportation, complete with air conditioner.

For further information about our Bandung tour packages, please do not hesitate to contact us. And our staff will get back to you shortly.





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