Do I Need to Book an Accommodation in Bandung?

accommodation in Bandung

How to find accommodation in Bandung? Do I need to book a hotel first before coming to Bandung? Should I include the accommodation within Bandung tour or should I just order it separately? You might have all these questions before you come to Bandung to join a Bandung tour package. No matter whether you take the tour or come on your own, below are several tips that you need to pay attention to when you are trying to get a hotel in Bandung:

Types of Accommodation in Bandung


There are several types of accommodation in Bandung, starting from jasmine class as the lowest hotel class, followed by 1-star hotel to 5-star hotel. However please do not be fooled by these classes. Usually most people would think that a 3-star would have the same facilities and goodness as other 3-star hotels. This is totally wrong. There are still old 3-star hotels inBandung of which condition is pathetic if not to say terrible.


On the other hand there are also many new accommodations in Bandung which still have no rate, but have the same facilities as a 3-star hotel. So don’t be fooled with this hotel rate.

Things to Remember when Booking Accommodation in Bandung


First thing first, is what type of room you are looking for. Please be noted that a twin room is different from a double room. A twin room is a room that consists 2 single beds, while a double room is a room that consists of 1 queen sized or king sized bed.


I was also surprised to find out that there are many hotel staffs in Bandung who are not aware of these differences. Even many of them are confused with the term of ‘single bed’, ‘queen sized bed’, and ‘king sized bed’.


Another thing. If you are interested in booking a triple room, make sure that the hotel really gives you a triple room that consists of three single beds, not a twin room or a double room which is equipped with an extra bed. Many hotel staffs in Bandung are not aware with this huge and important difference either.


Room Rates among Accommodation in Bandung


Many travel agents now can also provide you accommodation in Bandung when you come to Bandung to join a Bandung tour. And the rates that they offer also do not differ so much among other agents. However there is a special, interesting issue here. All accommodations in Bandung can not provide their rate for the following year. So when will they provide the rate for the coming year if you plan to take Bandung tour in the following year? Most hotels provide the rate in January or February of the year. So to make your holiday plan in Bandung runs better, it would be wiser if you just book the hotel in Bandung through a well-known, reputated website such as


So what are you waiting for? Just grab your bags and join a Bandung tour immediately!

Accommodation in Bandung