What are the main Bandung attractions? As the third largest city in Indonesia, the city of Bandung has been popular not only among the domestic visitors, but also foreign visitors including those from Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Netherland, and many more. With so many things to offer, Tour Indonesia makes sure that you will not miss the best and the most popular attractions in Bandung.

Bandung Attractions #1: Sightseeing

Bandung is located on highland resulting in cool air throughout the year. This makes the city very comfortable to live in. With temperature ranges between 15 degrees to 29 degrees Celsius, and even cooler during rainy season, the city has become the magnet for tourists coming from higher temperature such as Singapore, Malaysia, Surabaya, and Jakarta. These tourists love coming to Bandung as they can have sightseeing, especially on highland where they can also enjoy natural scenery in the strawberry farms and tea plantation scattered in the area. The popular spots for sightseeing in Bandung are the floating market, farm house, rainbow waterfall, white crater, bamboo village, forest café, and many more. Make sure that you spend at least 2 full days in Bandung to enjoy all these attractions in Bandung.

Bandung Attractions #2: Culinary Tour

As the capital of West Java province, Bandung offers you numerous delicious food and drink that you should try during your trip to Bandung. Among these are milk tofu, fragrant rice wrapped in banana leaf (can easily found in restaurants in Bandung), fermented cassava, hot ginger drink with peanuts and coconut topping, and many more. If you’re into culinary tour and would love to try the local food, then you must definitely go to the northern part of Bandung where you can easily find lots of street food sold in very affordable price.

If you like crackers or chips, then make sure you also go to the local market where you can find various kinds of crackers sold at very affordable price. Please don’t hesitate to ask for a tester first before you decide which one to buy and the seller would be happy to give you a little for you to taste.

One of the most popular cakes in Bandung is layer cake where you can find easily in most cake shops in Bandung. Make sure that you drop by at the cake shop on the last day of the tour before we drop you off at the local airport.

Bandung Attractions #3: Shopping Tour

There are many people coming to Bandung also for shopping. Their main purpose is to buy as many things as possible to resell in their home country. The popular place for this kind of shopping tour is Bandung’s largest shoes shopping area where you can find a bunch of various footwear vendors in the area.

Bandung Attractions #4: Nightlife

Nightlife in Bandung is a bit different from those in larger city. If you like to try local culinary, then you can start your adventure in the late afternoon where you can find lots of various street food vendors quite easily. Or for those who are not that much into culinary world, you can also go to one of the hot spring resorts in the north to soak in the hot sulfuric pool. What about pubs and bars? No worry, you can also go to Braga street where you can find lots of pubs and bars easily.

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Bandung Attractions #5: Outbound Activities

For those who are adrenaline seekers, you can also find lots of outbound activities in the north and south of Bandung where you can try flying fox, rafting, even golfing. We also provide various types of outbound activities suitable for company outing or school trip. Simply contact Tour Indonesia for more details.