BandungFactory Outlets


Going to Bandungthis coming holiday? Planning to visit Bandung factory outlets to spend some of your money there? What are the most recommended factory outlets inBandung? What are some tips to visit those factory outlets? If you are looking for answers for the above questions, then read on, and at the end of this article you will be ready to head toBandung and start shopping immediately!

Bandung Factory Outlets

Bandungwhich is also known as the capital of West Java has been the top destination among many visitors fromMalaysiaandSingapore, aside fromJakartaand other surrounding cities. There are many reasons why those people love coming back toBandung. If we say it is due to the cool weather here, well, to tell you the truth,Bandungis not that cool anymore. This city used to be very cool, a couple of decades ago, but now even when you are sitting on a couch, doing nothing, you can easily get sweat! So what is there that those people are looking for inBandung? Shopping!


But amongst the so many shopping places in Bandung, which ones are the most recommended ones? Correct. There are so many factory outlets in Bandung, but we will tell you the most famous Bandung factory outlets only.


The first one is definitely Rumah Mode. Many Bandung tour packages bring you to this very famous shopping place. The price of the goods here is relatively higher than other Bandung factory outlets. But the quality and the models are also better. However don’t get spoiled here and forget everything when you are shopping. Anywhere you are, please be careful with your belongings! Pickpockets love crowded places. AndBandung factory outlets are just one of their favorite places to hang out in. So when you are shopping in any shopping places inBandung, not only in the factory outlets, always put extra precaution to your bags, handbags, and wallets. And for guys, do not put anything in your back pocket!


Other favorite place for shopping is Pasar Baru. This is also the haven for many Indonesians as well as Malaysians where you can literally shop till you drop! Let me give you some tips when you are going shopping here: Beware of pickpockets, and if possible, do not carry little kids let alone babies! Why is that? Simple. The place is so crowded that even adults must have extra energy to fight your way in the narrow alleys, and it would be pity for the little babies or kids if they have to accompany you to go shopping in this crowded place.


Unlike in many Bandung factory outlets where you can enjoy your shopping in a more relaxed way, Pasar Baru is very crowded and not kids or babies friendly. Also, since the place is very crowded, it is very easy for you to get lost inside and have no idea which way to take to get out of the place. So don’t hesitate to ask around should you feel puzzled inside.


Another thing, if you plan to visit Pasar Baru, do not hesitate to bargain at least 25% of the offered price! Unlike in factory outlets inBandungand many other places inIndonesiawhere bargaining is not possible, Pasar Baru is one of the shopping places where you can practice your bargaining skill.


So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go shopping in Bandung factory outlets!


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Bandung Factory Outlets