Best Bandung Food

If you like culinary adventure and looking for the best food in Bandung, then Tour Indonesia would be happy to give you some references.

The city of Bandung is located on highland and not too close to the seaside. Therefore most of the food comes from their surroundings and some others grow on the farms. Below are the most popular Bandung food:

Bandung food

  1. Bandung Food #1: Nasi Liwet

    Many Bandung people like to have lots of vegetables with their meals and this Bandung rice is considered the most fragrant packaged rice that usually comes together with some fresh vegetables (or salad), salted fish, fresh ground chili and grilled or traditional fried chicken. There are quite a lot of different types of this packaged rice, but the best and most popular one is the one that has small salted fish in it. The rice smells so good that you can already enjoy it even without taking the vegetables and chicken accompanying it.

Where to find this special Bandung food: You can find this special rice in most traditional Sundanese restaurant throughout West Java province, especially outside the city of Bandung.

  1. Bandung Food #2: The Flying Gourami

Because Bandung is located quite far from the sea, the locals have their own signature dish which is the flying gourami fish. This type of fish is a fresh water fish, and is usually deep fried or grilled with so many types of chili sauce you can choose, starting from mango chili sauce, balacan sauce, sweet soy sauce, and many more. Most people also order this fish together with the fragrant rice above.

Where to find this special Bandung food: You can find this easily in most local restaurants in Bandung.

  1. Bandung Food #3: Sweet and Salty Martabak

Unlike martabak in Malaysia or Singapore, this giant pancake is a bit different from those found in those neighboring countries. The sweet one itself has quite a lot of varieties. You can choose what toppings you’d like to have on them, such as banana or chocolate or raisin or cheese or peanuts or even combination of all which makes it rich in taste! While the salty one is made from duck or chicken eggs, spring onion, and ground beef or chicken.

Where to find this Bandung food: You can find them easily at road side in the city center starting from 6 pm onwards. The price is around Rp 20,000 to Rp 60,000 depending the toppings and size.

  1. Bandung Food #4: Mie Kocok

Mie Kocok is literally translated as the shaken noodle. Many people love this dish as it is really rich in flavor. It is actually traditional noodle served with cow broth, fried onion and lime. What’s more, you can also have some meatballs in it.

Where to find this Bandung food: You can usually find them easily at road side in the city center. Sometimes you can also find them at a food court inside a shopping mall. The price is around Rp 10,000 to Rp 25,000 per portion depending on where you buy them.

  1. Bandung Food #5: Layer Cake

    Going to Bandung without trying this phenomenal layer cake is like cooking without salt. This layer cake is quite expensive compared to any other types of cake as the making process itself takes for hours to complete.

Where to find this special food: You can find them easily at Bandung’s largest cake shop where  you’ll visit at the end of our Bandung tour package.