As the number three largest city in Indonesia, Bandung has attracted many travelers since the Dutch settlement era in the eighteenth century. The city itself is located on 768 meters above sea level, resulting in cooler air compared to other big cities in Indonesia, making it one of the most popular capital cities in the country. Being located on highland, Bandung offers many beautiful natural sightseeing, starting from volcanoes in both the northern and southern part of the city, lakes, various types and heights of waterfalls, tea plantation, and many more.

The temperature in Bandung is also considered very nice, at around 17 to 29 almost all year round. And the temperature can get even much cooler on higher lands such as nearby the volcanoes, which can drop to as low as 7 degrees Celsius, resulting in many tea plantation and strawberry farms in many areas of the city.

Bandung is also nicknamed “Paris van Java” by the Dutch which means “Paris of Java” as the beauty resembles the city of Paris in Europe. This is the reason why Bandung was such a popular resort city during the eighteenth and nineteenth century which has made more and more people to come and settle in the city. Until now we can still see one of the most popular and historical street in Bandung which is called Braga Street where high-end shops and restaurants used to be there during the Dutch time.

Bandung Indonesia

Bandung is also considered the capital city of Asian and African countries as it hosted the Asian and African Conference in April 1955. The 2 big hotels where the Asian and African delegations stayed during the conference are still now the most interesting and historical buildings in the city. Many travelers now would love to include the visit to these buildings into their Bandung city tour itinerary.

The city of Bandung has developed so fast and gained various cultural influences from neighboring cities, making it even a more interesting city to visit. We can see these influences from their culture, food, and daily life. If you have deep interest in culinary, then you should definitely come to Bandung where you can try many delicacies here. If you are a shopaholic, then you should definitely include shopping program into your trip to Bandung. If you are on your honeymoon, then the natural beauty of the city will definitely spoil the two of you. There are lots of romantic places on hill top which are suitable for honeymooners, such as dining in at the forest café or relaxing at one of the bamboo huts surrounding the lake at the Bamboo Village, or enjoying the city night view at one of the cafes on hill top in north Bandung. And if it’s still not enough, you can even try visiting the hot spring resort and let the sulfuric warm water pamper you.

If you want to escape from your daily routines, then Bandung, Indonesia, is definitely your best choice for your next holiday, which can reenergize your body and spirit wholly. Our experienced staffs will provide you a fully customized Bandung tour itinerary depending on your flight schedule. Simply trust us as part of your holiday in Bandung and the pleasure is yours!