Bandung Nightlife Info

Looking for information regarding nightlife in Bandung? Well, if you’ve been to Jakarta or Bali, Bandung nightlife is a bit different from those usually found in Jakarta where people usually go to bars and nightclubs to spend their entire evening. Being located on highland, the city has its own attractions and ambience regarding to nightlife. Here you can find a totally different atmosphere than other places in Indonesia.

Bandung Nightlife #1: Hot Spring Resort

Bandung is located on highland and surrounded by many mountains. If visiting bars or nightclubs is not your ideal nightlife idea, then why don’t you go to the hot spring resort to spend your evening with your family or friends? Not many people know that most hot spring resorts in north Bandung are open until wee hours, some of them are even open for 24 hours a day. How amazing that is! So if you’re tired spending your days shopping and walking or even hiking and golfing, then why don’t you go to one of the very best hot spring resort in Bandung and spoil yourself in one of the hot pools there? Just make sure that you also bring your own swimsuits and towel or slippers.

And the next question could be, which one is the most recommended hot spring resort in Bandung? The answer could be Sari Ater or Gracia or even Maribaya hot spring resort which is all open for 24 hours a day.

Bandung Nightlife #2: Culinary Adventure

If you’re into culinary and eager to try local food, then you can go to Paskal Hypersquare where you can find another kind of different nightlife in Bandung. Here you can find a kind of night market where you can find literally hundreds of different street food sold here at very reasonable prices.

So if you don’t want to get starved in the middle of the night and have no idea where to get good food to satisfy your hunger, then it’d be a good idea if you choose your hotel within the same complex of Paskal Hypersquare which is only within walking distance to many nice hotels in the area. The recommended food you can find here is tofu curd with ginger soup and last but not least, fried noodle and fried rice.

Bandung Nightlife #3: Visiting a Café

Many cafes in Bandung are set up on hill top or highland where visitors can enjoy fresh air and nice Bandung’s city night view while enjoying their dinner. Therefore you can also go to one of these cafes to spend your evening with your loved one. This type of dinner is not only romantic but also memorable. Some places even have daily life music performing starting at 8 pm each night. Some of the very recommended cafes for this kind of nightlife are The Stone Café and Kampung Daun which are considered the very best and most popular cafes in the city of Bandung.

Bandung nightlife

So if you’re considering coming to Bandung, don’t forget to include this nightlife activity into your Bandung tour package.