Tips on Shopping in Bandung

Shopping has been one of the most favorable activities in many tour packages in many countries.  If you come to Bandung especially for shopping, then you’ve come to the right place! Shopping has never been easier if you know how to bargain and choose the right products. But for some people, this could be disastrous and disappointing if they end up buying the products they don’t actually need. However you don’t need to worry anymore. Tour Indonesia would be pleased to give you some important shopping tips as below:

Bandung Shopping Tips

  1. Always bargain and compare prices with other vendors.
    If you’re shopping in an open or flea market where bargain is possible, make sure that you always compare prices with other vendors. This will definitely avoid you from getting ripped off and save you a lot of your money. However bargaining is not possible at the factory outlets and shopping malls.
  2. Always try the clothes or footwear first.
    If you decide to buy some clothes at a factory outlet or shopping mall, make sure that you try the clothes first. Almost all major factory outlets and shopping malls in Bandung allow their buyers to try their clothes on first. But to be sure, don’t hesitate to ask the shop assistant first if it’s possible for you to try the clothes first.
  3. Try to get some discount.
    If you decide to buy a certain product at very large quantity, say 2 dozens or even more, don’t hesitate to ask for some discount, especially if you’re buying at a wholesaler.Bandung shopping tips
  4. Try to get some tester
    If you want to buy some crackers or light meals, especially at Pasar Baru Trade Center, the merchants wouldn’t mind giving you some testers first so you can decide which one you like best. Unfortunately tester is usually unavailable at major cake shops.
  5. Watch your kids.
    Whenever you go in Bandung, either to the tourist attraction sites such as theme park or markets, please make sure that you always watch your kids. Never let them wander by themselves, especially at crowded places such as shopping centers.
  6. Mind your belongings.
    Pickpocket is very common in any crowded places, especially inside the factory outlets and some other shopping places. For guys, do not put your wallet at your back pocket. And for ladies, please to always keep your bag in front of your body, not at your side or at the back side. And for those carrying backpack, it’d be much better if you carry it in front of your chest.

There are quite a number of factory outlets in Bandung and it can be confusing to decide which ones you should go to and which ones to avoid. Tour Indonesia will always make sure that we bring you only to the very best shopping places that suit your preferences.

Going shopping in Bandung has never been easier if you know where and how. Simply contact us for more details regarding our Bandung shopping tour or other Bandung tour packages that may interest you.