Useful Tips on Shopping in Bandung

If you plan to come to Bandung for a shopping adventure, it would be better if you read some tips below before you head to Bandung with a bunch of bucks :-). Yes, for the past decades Bandung has been known as a shopping paradise for many tourists from Malaysia and Singapore. It is because the city of Bandung itself is the only place in Indonesia where you can find many garment and textile manufacturers of which products have been exported to many countries.

In order to get the most of your Bandung shopping experience, below are some useful tips that you might need to know before going shopping to Bandung:

Bandung Shopping Tips #1

Just as in many parts in Indonesia, if you go to Pasar Baru, be sure to always bargain until at least 25% of the offered price. It has widely known that all traders at Pasar Baru are very smart. Once they know you are a foreigner, they will mark up the price high. So do not hesitate to bargain. This rule also applies at Tangkuban Perahu volcano where there are lots of kiosks offering handicrafts and similar items.

However you can not bargain the price at all factory outlets in Bandung as they all put fixed prices on all items.

Bandung Shopping Tips #2

Do you know why the so called “branded goods” at the factory outlets in Bandung are a lot cheaper than if you find at the original outlets? There are two possibilities:

– ?The goods are not original; or,

– The goods have defects. However the defect is so small that you can’t even notice it. So if you do not mind buying those items, go for it!

Bandung Shopping Tips #3

Beware of pickpockets! Especially at Pasar Baru which is the most crowded shopping place in Bandung and the shopping paradise for many Malaysians. Always put your bags in front and do not put your wallet at your back pockets. The pickpockets at Pasar Baru are very skillful that they can take a huge SLR camera even without your noticing it. So, please be very careful about it!

Bandung Shopping Tips #4

It has been widely known that the sellers at Tangkuban Perahu are extremely aggressive. So if you do not wish to buy, don’t even ask for the price just out of your curiosity or they will end up following you everywhere and won’t stop pestering you until you end up buying something from them!

Bandung Shopping Tips #5

Unlike in Bali, most people in Bandung do not speak any English moreover other foreign languages such as Mandarin or Hokkien. So if you don’t speak Malay, which is similar to Indonesian, it would be much better if you have an English speaking guide with you to help you negotiate with the sellers.

Bandung Shopping Tips #6

Please bring enough Rupiah with you. Some tourists just don’t have enough Rupiah with them during the tour in Bandung, and when they need to buy something, they’re confused of where to exchange their foreign currency into Rupiah while it is Sunday when all banks & money changers are closed on Sundays. I don’t think it’s a smart idea to waste your time to go to local money changer and later go back to the shop just to exchange a small amount of foreign currency into Rupiah, is it?

Just follow all the tips above, and your whole Bandung shopping experience will be full of fun, especially when you join a Bandung tour which brings to best shopping places in Bandung. So….. happy !



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