1-day Bandung Tour Package

If you only stay in Bandung for a short time yet still do not want to miss the very best beauty of Bandung, join our spectacular 1-day Bandung tour package. Below are the most popular Bandung tour packages you can choose:

Bandung Tour Package A

  • Lembang: This is the place which is famous for various fruit market, where you can find the tempting avocado and the famous and incredible juicy honey pineapple. This place is also famous for various dairy products, such as yogurt and fresh milk.
  • Tangkuban Perahu volcano: As the icon of the city of Bandung, you would certainly not want to miss this place. Located only around 1 hour drive from the heart of Bandung, this very active volcano is the place where you can truly admire the beauty of the city of Bandung.
  • Sari Ater hot spring resort: Feeling too cold in Bandung? Do not worry as this is the place where you can soak your body in sulfuric water which is beneficial for your skin and rheumatism.
  • Forest-look-alike cafe: As one of the best cafes in Indonesia, this is the most recommended place where you can have meal amid the forest in Bandung, and feel a totally different atmosphere of dining.
  • Mode House: Your shopping adventure starts here. This is one of the very famous factory outlet in north Bandung which is almost always crowded most of the time.
  • Denim street: If you are into denim and its products, then this is the perfect place for you to hunt denims. Alternatively you can also visit ?a famous shopping center, Cihampelas Walk, which is also located within the area.
  • Bandung’s ethnic factory outlet: Last but not least, this is the only factory outlet in Bandung which offers you a different kind of shopping experience.

Bandung Tour Package B:

  • The White Crater: Many people say that this is the jewel of West Java hidden in the southern part of Bandung, and is included in many Bandung tour packages. Unlike Tangkuban Perahu at the northern part, this place offers you a spectacular scenery you would never find anywhere else in Bandung.
  • Strawberry farm: Want to feel the excitement of picking fresh strawberries direct from the trees by yourselves? Then this is the experience you would’t want to miss!
  • Bandung’s largest shoes shopping area: As the one and only shoes shopping area in Indonesia, this place is the most recommended place if you are into shoes and sandals.
  • Bandung’s ethnic factory outlet: This is the only factory outlet in Bandung where you can find unique stuffs where you can not find in other factory outlets
  • Bandung’s north biggest factory outlet area: You will close the day by strolling along the most famous shopping area in north Bandung. Be prepared to have strong feet as there are numerous factory outlets everywhere.

Bandung Tour Package C:

  • Tangkuban Perahu: As one of the most popular tourist destinations, this place is always included in many 4D3N and 3D2N Bandung tour packages, including the 1-day Bandung tour. This is the place you would not want to miss if you visit the city of Bandung and definitely one of the so many places you’ll love visiting.
  • Pasar Baru shopping: If you are into bargaining and shopping, this is definitely the place you’d love to visit! Feel the craziness of the real shopping experience here!
  • Bandung’s largest shoes shopping area: This is another place which is also highly recommended for shopaholic!
  • Denim street: As the most popular denim shopping street, this is the most recommended place if you are into jeans products.
  • Mode House: You will close your day by visiting one of the most popular factory outlets in Bandung

For more information about the 1-day Bandung tour packages above, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will get back to you shortly.