How to Travel in Bandung


How to travel in Bandung? Is it safe to travel around the city by using public transportation? Well, unlike Jakarta, the city of Bandung is still considered pretty safe. So if you are traveling on very tight budget to the city of Bandung, and decide to travel around the city by city transport, be sure to follow the following rules:


Rules of Travel in Bandung

There are several golden rules of traveling within the city of Bandung. Check them out and you will never get lost:


  1. Be sure to bring along your address or destination printed on paper, if possible, in Indonesian language.

It has been widely known that the people in Bandung do not speak very good English. Even if they do, they speak broken or bad English. So be sure to be prepared with your printed address on a piece of paper.


  1. Do not dress up excessively.

Do not put on too many, eye catching gold jewelers as this will trigger bad people to rob you. It is also often seen that some young ladies dress up so sexily within the city transportation, and this is not a good idea at all since this will trigger other bad things.


  1. Deal the fare before getting on the transportation

Always ask the fare and deal with it before getting on the transportation. If you are not sure about the fare, just take a taxi.

4. If you decide to take a Bandung tour, find out the itinerary and the conditions of the tour.


Kinds of Travels in Bandung


There are also many kinds of travels in Bandung, ranging from the city bus, taxi, pedicab, horse carriage to the numerous city transportation. The most popular ones are of course, the city transportation. However if you want to travel around Bandung by using this vehicle, make sure that you are not all alone inside, especially when you are traveling at night or past midnight.


Pedicab is also another way to travel in Bandung. Make sure to deal the fare first before you get on it.


What about the city bus? If you want to go around the city by using the city bus, you have to be very careful with the pickpockets! So make sure that you do not put anything in your back pocket or make sure that you do not hold your backpack at your back. Another tip if you want to travel in Bandung by using city transportation or city bus. Give yourself an hour for allowance of traveling since traveling by these kinds of modes of transportation needs much more time than traveling by private cars or even a taxi. However if you are traveling with an elderly, it is strongly advised that you take a Bandung tour instead.


And for ladies, if possible, do not travel alone. Make sure that you have someone else traveling with you, especially if you do not speak Indonesian and can only speak Chinese or other foreign language which can not be understood by the people in Bandung. Remember, the Chinese Indonesian do not speak Chinese so do not expect to use the Chinese language here in Bandung.


Last but not least, remember to always travel safe by bringing enough money with yourself. Not too little and not too much. So happy traveling in Bandung!

Travel in Bandung